Joining Lucid Vision

Read the following carefully before applying to Lucid Vision.

Joining Lucid Vision is not easy. We dont take in very many people, nor do we wish to have a large guild where nobody knows each other. Because of this we have remained a small and tight-knit group of PvPers. Before you apply, the one thing you should know is that the guild and your guildmates come first *ALWAYS*. As a PvP Enthusiast on Rallos Zek you will find that 99% if the entire server is against you, thus your guild is one of the very few things you can depend on. As a member of Lucid Vision you will be expected to stand by your guildmates at all times, even when such times may be inconvenient for you. You will be expected to drop your Exping, PKing, and Quadding to help out on CR's, large-scale fights, and to simply come if needed. Lucid Vision stands alone on the Rallos Zek server, and if your own interests come before the greater good of the guild, then you should simply apply elsewhere.


  1. The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with our rules. While we are a pretty laid back bunch, the few rules we do have are expected to be followed without question.


  2. Our level limit is 56. While we will make special exceptions in some unique cases for people, 56 is our "official" minimum level. Anyone lower will simply find life in LV hard, and for the most part will be more of a liability then an asset. If your serious about joining, put the effort into leveling and then apply.


  3. You need to find a sponsor. Your sponsor is your link to becoming part of the fold. The best way to do this is to get to know as many members as possible. Hunt with them, exp with them, and even come to a couple raids. Once you have a sponsor, its your sponsors job to post a message on the private board in regards to your wish to join Lucid Vision.


  4. After your sponsored and your sponsor has made a post on the private board, the various members of Lucid Vision will scrutinize you. By this time its to be expected that everyone is already familiar with you. If nobody knows who you are, you will be turned down. If so much as *ONE* member does not want you in, you will also be turned down. If there are no objections from our current member base, you will be admitted into the Premiere PvP guild on Rallos Zek.


Its not a quick process, and oftentimes people will wait a week or more. But it does ensure that we keep all the scrub PK's out, and only take in the best of what the server has to offer. Good Luck