Rules of Lucid Vision


As a guild we are pretty laid back and unlike others, understand that first and foremost this is a *GAME*. So we treat it as such. Our boards and guildchat are uncensored, and people are pretty much free to do what they want while they play. With that said, we still do have some rules and laws that all members are expected to abide by.

1. Loot Distribution - First and foremost *ALL* loot is rolled on. In the case of an item people actually need/are going to use - They either get it outright, or roll against the other people that will use it. It dont matter who made the kill, if you are grouped at the time, all the people with you get a chance on the item. Killing is a team effort, and the last thing we want is Enchanters, Clerics, or Shaman nuking instead of debuffing, healing, and generally preparing the mark for the offensive classes to cut down. If your Enchanter is nuking just so he can be the one who lands the kill-shot, then he isn't doing his job. The fact that the person dies is all that matters, thus who makes the kill should not matter. This rule is *STRICTLY* enforced.


2. Raid Loot - Same as above. Its all rolled on with people who need it getting priority or winning outright. How do we determine "need"? Well chances are when the high AC "Uber Breastplate of l33tness" drops, its safe to say that the level 60 main tank that does 99.9% of our tanking will get it before the level 51 guy. Other then that and some other extreme cases, all of it is rolled on.


3. Training/EXP Loss/Grief Tactics - Fight us clean and we will do the same. Try anything funny and expect nothing but the same, two-fold, in return.